Sissons Weather Guard Pro

Introducing the newest innovation from Sissons Paints, Sissons Weather Guard Pro! Made from 100% acrylic binder, Sissons Weather Guard Pro is perfect for both interior and exterior surfaces. Weather Guard Pro offers a smooth finish and exceptional degree of substrate hiding. Weather Guard Pro also offers a high degree whiteness, superior to any product on the market.

What are the differentiating factors between Sissons Weather Guard Pro and Sissons Weather Guard?

Dirt Pick Up: The 100% Acrylic binder used in Weather Guard Pro shields against dirt longer than Weather Guard. Surfaces will take a longer period to absorb dirt particles compared to a surface painted with Sissons Weather Guard.

Water Penetration: Weather Guard Pro absorbs less water than Weather Guard thus enabling it to withstand external elements like rain for a longer period.

Fading: The 100% Acrylic used in Weather Guard Pro offers superior resistance to Ultraviolet rays and therefore better resistance to weathering and fading.

Durability: Abrasion Tests conducted on both Weather Guard and Weather Guard Pro reveal Weather Guard Pro’s ability to withstand “scrub tests” better than Weather Guard. Notably, the binders used in both Weather Guard and Weather Guard Pro provide a harder more resilient film than imported paint brands.

Odour: The scent of paint is determined by its resin content. 100% Acrylic resin present in Weather Guard Pro gives this product a lower odour compared to Weather Guard. Styrene Acrylic used in Weather Guard gives a stronger odour when comparing the two.

Alkali Resistance: Sissons Weather Guard Pro can resist attacks from salts resulting from improperly cured cement substrate better than the Weather Guard.

Microbial Resistance: Tropical Climates in the Caribbean support rapid growth of mold and mildew. Sissons Weather Guard Pro is formulated with a Biocidal Package specifically designed to combat high humidity and high temperatures. Competitive brands, made in the US, are not formulated with biocides suited for the tropics.

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