Creating a Flow

Posted on Nov 18, 2015 in Sissons Updates

As every homedecorating enthusiast is well aware, colour has an enormous impact within aspace. With the increasing number of new and remodelled homes reflecting openfloor plans, carefully considered colour schemes symbolize an integral part ofthe ambience within the home. Colour can be used to create a fashionablycohesive open-styled home interior. When choosing a colour scheme, consider thefollowing:

  1. Fabricpatterns, existing furnishings, artwork or a favourite accessory are an idealstarting point for your colour scheme.
  2.   You can effectively blend an open space byincorporating a limited palette of colour that represents the same intensity ofhues. Select the same tones consisting of two or three favourite collars thatyou would not easily tire of, and fashion two side by side spaces with thedesired colour palette.
  3. If you love lots of colour, you can still achieve flow by choosing one hue to be a unifying thread that runs from room to room. Usually this unifying element is the woodwork — baseboards, door and window frames, and moulding at the ceiling.

With an activeimagination and a healthy dose of paint and colour, a savy do-it-your-selfer canproduce attractive results.